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Prior to the acceptance of the purchase order, ÉCLAT TERRASSE will verify the payment status of the order, through any credit card issued by national or international financial institutions.


Although this page has secure and reliable connections for electronic transactions, EXCLUSIVE RATTAN disclaims any responsibility for any damage that may be caused by any failure in the operations or communications of the financial entities issuing the valid credit cards to make the payments.


Credit and debit cards
Consignment or national transfer to our bank account.

The customer must assume the transportation costs of the products and the payment of the taxes due to the purchase. In any case, the value of transportation will be informed at the time of generating the purchase order, clarifying that this charge may vary according to the city where the shipment must be made and will be informed definitively to the email of acceptance of the purchase order and notification of successful payment.

ÉCLAT TERRASSE does not commit to specific delivery times. The order will arrive at the place of residence according to the date assigned, between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm. Monday through Saturday depending on the times handled by the shipping service.


The merchandise will be delivered to the address indicated by the user. In the case of gated communities or condominiums where the entrance is not allowed. The goods will be delivered at the door, as long as the customer authorizes it.


In the event that the buyer’s address is visited and delivery cannot be made because he or his authorized person is not present. The shipment may be rescheduled again, prior communication with the buyer to notify the news and coordinate the new delivery.

For ÉCLAT TERRASSE it is essential to achieve efficiency in the response to its customers during the sale and post-sale of products and services, to ensure their satisfaction and attention to their right to legal warranty, complying with consumer protection standards, including law 1480 of 2011 and its regulatory decrees, mainly decree 0735 of 2013 and decree 0587 of 2016.


It is for this reason that the company’s warranty policy has been established and principles, procedures, requirements, responsibilities, basic parameters and communication channels have been integrated for the attention of the warranties of the products for sale.


For the purposes of this document and everything related to the fulfillment of the warranty promise, ÉCLAT TERRASSE has established the following basic definitions:



Temporary, joint and several obligation of the producer and the supplier to respond for the good condition of the product and its conformity with the conditions of suitability, quality and safety legally required or offered. The legal guarantee will not have additional consideration to the price of the product (Art. 5 numeral 5 law 1480 of 2011).


Suitability or efficiency:

Suitability of the product to satisfy the need or needs for which it has been produced or marketed (Art. 5 numeral 6 law 1480 of 2011).



Any content and way of disclosing the nature, origin, mode of manufacture, components, uses, volume, weight or measure, prices, form of use, properties, quality, suitability or quantity, and any other relevant characteristic or reference regarding the products offered or put into circulation, as well as the risks that may arise from their consumption or use. (Art. 5 numeral 7 law 1480 of 2011).



Condition of the product in accordance with which in normal situations of use, taking into account the duration, the information provided under the terms of this law and if applicable, the commissioning, installation and maintenance, does not present unreasonable risks to the health or integrity of consumers. In case the product does not comply with safety requirements established in technical regulations or sanitary measures, it shall be presumed unsafe. (Art. 5 numeral 14 law 1480 of 2011).


Defective product is that movable or immovable property that due to an error in the design, manufacture, construction, packaging or information, does not offer the reasonable safety to which every person is entitled. (Art. 5 numeral 17 law 1480 of 2011).

Technical service:


Repair of the good, unless it is not repairable, in which case it must be exchanged or refunded, at the customer’s option.
Adequate service center, with trained technical personnel and the necessary resources to cover the warranty.
Obligation to issue suitable technical reports and concepts to establish the warranty procedure.

Distance sales: Are those made without the consumer having direct contact with the product purchased, which are given by means such as mail, telephone, catalog or via electronic commerce (Art. 5 paragraph 16 law 1480 of 2011).


The term of the legal warranty of our products is five (5) years and will begin to run from the delivery of the product to the customer. If the product is exchanged for another one, the legal warranty term will start to run again.

The fabric has a warranty of six (6) months does not apply to discoloration or fabrics exposed to high humidity environments where mildew may appear.

On the appearance of fungi, pests and / or insects in wood and polyester cord fabrics three (3) months warranty, no warranty is accepted in furniture exposed to high humidity environments.

We do not accept exchanges on discounted or sale products, only warranties apply.

The maintenance and cleaning of furniture and textiles must be done by companies or laundry companies. ÉCLAT TERRASSE does not recommend companies that perform this work.

The promise of delivery of a product purchased through this website will be of THIRTY (30) days, which will be counted from the day following the acceptance of the purchase order. However, in case of any unforeseen circumstances, beyond the control of ÉCLAT TERRASSE that may arise delays in deliveries, such circumstances will be informed by telephone or electronically to the buyer.